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Issue 2

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Source: No-Signal  is an on-zine (online-magazine) based on all the beauties, onzin (nonsense), pearls and gems we can find on the world wide web.

This on-zine can be defined as a database where we capture lovely images found on our daily scroll-sessions on the internet. Now with almost more than an hour a day spent in the online-world we get exposed to so many interesting photos, but sometimes those seem to get lost in endless scrolling.

We are interested in how certain images capture our eye and how those images challenge our brain to search for something we recognize or starts a rhythm which can continue forever. A visual conversation, where one image triggers and lets us think of another.
With a lot of care we hope to achieve and compile a playful scrapbook where we use the randomness of the internet as an ongoing encyclopedia for images. Where we cross borders and want to put that extra attention on all the beautiful gems we can find online. By giving them a different frame ‘the on-zine’, the context can change and hopefully this new angle inspires you all.

Consider your screen as an virtual exhibition and maybe one day you will find us IRL as well ︎︎ <3



Contributors issue 2

Gabija Nedzinskaite
Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen
Yasmin Ae Yung Lyon
Jacques Romain
Elsa Audouin
Jip Moeken
Silvia Renda
Nora Hazhaz
Sofie Nolet
Maria Secio
Jip Mulkens
Florine Helmus
Anna Berkhout
Egemen Mercanlıoğlu
Rozemarijn Hooij
Nicky de Waard
Enrico Caputo
Sterre de Valck

Project by:

Wimke Dekker  & Ella Gijselhart

Contact information:
Wimke Dekker =

Ella Gijselhart =

︎ Source: No-Signal

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